Visualizzazione di una proprietà
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Viewing a Property

Google Analytics is a brilliant way to collect and filter the data revolving around the traffic on various websites, apps and other assets associated with user’s business.

All of one’s Google Analytics accounts can be grouped under an “Organization”. This is optional, and mostly applies to the large agencies or businesses. Medium and small ones tend to use only one account.

When one creates an account, automatically a “Property” is created. There is no limit on the number of properties, as well as on the number of “Views” within them. This way one can organize the way of data collection to his or hers very preferences. Each property collects data separately, with no influence from the other created ones.

If one wants to collect the data from different websites or applications, he or she should create more than one “Property”. It allows viewing different regions or brands in the same business. Only limitation is the lack of possibility of viewing data from separate “Properties” in aggregate.

The “Views” allow to sort the data with some help of the available filters. For example, the owners of the online merchandise store may track the data from individual regions by making separate views for them. They might also create one global view and exclude internal traffic (one from the employees).

The great feature in Google Analytics system are the “Goals”. One can find them on the “View” level of configuration. “Goals” may be set for the amount of people signing up for the newsletter or for the amount of purchases.

To wrap up the basic information on “Properties” and “Views” one should remember that:

  • New “View” will not include the past data – remember to set it up as soon as possible
  • After deleting a “View” only administrators can recover it – therefore be careful

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