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Digital marketing and advertising activities: can digital replace traditional marketing?

Digital marketing and advertising activities

Can digital marketing replace traditional marketing?

In 2020 companies have allocated more than 40% to digital communication, while almost 60% is still allocated to traditional marketing. 

This situation has inevitably led to economic losses and especially for magazines, outdoor and transit. On the other side the digital sector is the one to lose less, so that it is expected that in 2021 the digital  will replace the traditional.
Nowadays the fastest growing marketing activities include SEM, SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing.
Finally the Online Search market has thus reached a turnover of about 1 million € and it is expected to increase of 21.6% by 2021. Mobile has also surpassed desktop, reaching 35% of the market in 2020, and the trend is estimated to grow over the next few years.

Proprietary sites

In Italy, proprietary sites represent the most used communication channel to interact with consumers, to provide information and assistance. In addition, 61.5% of CRM data is used by the company to develop effective customer experience strategies, which represents a rapidly growing market worldwide.                                                                      For Italian companies, data from loyalty programs (51%), which can be processed through careful analysis of consumer transactions (47.6%) or through data based on the product/service relationship (37.8%), are also very useful.

The role of social media 

Over 22% of the world’s budget has been invested in social media, which to date plays a key role in all companies around the world. This companies had obviously better performances, thanks precisely to the use of social channels.
In 2020, there were companies that went against the trend: the London-based Lush, for example, reduced the number of posts on social media in favor of greater contact with its customers. In a similar way the company Porsche urged its fans to get closer to nature, allowing them a real “digital detox“.

Short-term investments in digital marketing

In the digital world, there are many strategies used. Among the most in vogue strategies there are podcasts, which are increasing in Italy by 434%.  The “branded podcasts” in particular represent a new path towards engagement and storytelling, strategies that can bring customers closer to the company’s vision and values. An example of “branded podcast” was used by the company Mini, which, thanks to a podcast that collected the experiences of 27 people telling about their “first times”, managed to bring its Italian customers closer to the concept of “hybrid car”.
Finally, among the strategies planned by Italian e-commerce companies, marketing and promotion are ranked at the top, representing 18%, followed by investments aimed at improving the performance and user-experience of the website (15%), while in third place are investments aimed at improving the technological infrastructure (13%).

Fonte: Casaleggio Associati, 2021

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