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The digitalization process in Italy: an overview within 2020 numbers

The digitalization process in Italy

An overview within 2020 numbers shows that the digitalization process in Italy for the companies continued with different facets.
Many brands have started the digitalization process with messaging or social channels. Others have chosen to use platforms already established on the market.
But there are also those who have invested directly in their e-commerce.
The automobile sector is testing the virtual dealer, such as the E-shop of the FCA Group.
There is also Mirta, an Italian fashion startup, which in 2020 increased the number of products on its e-commerce by 60%,  sharing the Made In Italy.
Moreover MondoDelVino, producer and distributor of Italian wines in 2020 launched its B2C e-commerce.
The “in store selling”is surviving and solutions are growing from a phygital perspective.
For instance there is Dior which, thanks to the collaboration with VR Obsess, launched a virtual version of the Paris store; it offers a 3D e-commerce experience.

E-commerce solutions

WooCommerce is the 2020 leader in e-commerce solutions, with a market share of 28%.
Squarespace (18%) and Shopify (11%) follow in second and third place.
For what concerns Shopify, it gained + 2% market share last year and is the fastest growing e-commerce solution.
Italian companies, on the other hand, choose from a variety of e-commerce solutions, a third of which are platforms developed ad hoc.
A strong foreign platform in Italy is Magento even though its market shares are decreasing.
Magento is followed by Ecwid, a cloud e-commerce solution for small businesse.
WooCommerce Checkout (the WordPress plugin) and PrestaShop, the open source software with customers like Carrefour and Danone.
Then there is ZenCart (90 open source software) with a 5% market share.
Storeden, which can boast important customers such as Supermedia, Pellizzari, Melinda and Val d’Oca has made agreements with important partners such as Nexi and Paypal.



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