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The importance of sustainability in the e-commerce world

Sustainability, e-commerce and environment

In the past year it has become clear the importance of sustainability in the e-commerce world. Consumers are increasingly aware of how much personal behaviors and business decisions can impact the environment, and demand for an eco-friendly market.
To satisfy the clients’ needs, and to answer the ONU call, companies are striving to create a green economy.
While researches about sustainability have gone up by 70%, 43% express the people’s fear that e-commerce growth could harm the environment: the industries’ involvement was inevitable. More than 63% of consumers prefer to buy from businesses which share data about their environmental impact. Moreover, 76% of people expect the companies, and not the government, to be the ones who will run for a change.
Many large sellers are showing their committment supporting the Climate Pledge. The giant of online sales Amazon did so with the introduction of the Compact by Design tag.

How sustainability in the world of e-commerce is reshaping fashion

The importance of sustainability for e-commerce, however, is also true for the fashion world. Firstly, there’s a noticeable growth in the second-hand market. Not only that, though.
The omnipresence of social media in our lives has even impacted our idea of “dress to impress”. Knowing that 9% of customers buy new clothes just to take selfies some brands, such as Dress X, created a specific service that allows their clients to buy “digital” clothes.
The Swiss On, instead, proved their interest with the creation of the completely recyclable shoes Cyclon. Ikea seems to be interested in the circular economy too, since this year it will start to sell furnitures’ spare parts.
In conclusion, however, it is important to highlight that despite the apparent changes in the e-commerce world, 42% of the eco-friendly businesses lack data proving their transparency.

Source: Casaleggio Associati, 2021

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