Amazon in Italia nel 2020 si conferma come il primo marketplace per utenti e imprese
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The First Marketplace in Italy: Unstoppable Amazon

Amazon first Marketplace in Italy

Once again, Amazon is confirmed as the first marketplace in Italy. For instance, Italian users prefer it for their purchases as much as Italian companies choose it for selling their products. This last year, Italian handcraft businesses like Talento Fiorentino or Omada Design chose the marketplace to create a direct relationship with their customers and also to provide them with a better delivery service. In 2020, during Christmas Holidays, over 20 million products have been sold by Italians PMIs through Amazon, about 100 products per minute. Further, during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, over 106 products (including home decor and forniture, mobile phone, children toys and beauty products) per minute were sold by Italian PMIs.

But Amazon also keeps on moving on his own. It is now available the service Amazon Fresh, in Milan, Turin and Rome. With this service, Amazon delivers food and care products in a day, choosing to prioritize the essential goods because of the ongoing lockdown.  Moreover, they have announced the opening of three new distribution centers in Italy, reaching the total number of 40 headquarters in the area. As a result, Amazon is confirmed as the first marketplace in Italy.

Amazon for the Climate Change

Also, Amazon cares about climate change. Working on The Climate Pledge project, the company is committed to reduce their own gas emissions to zero. After that, they acquired 100.000 electric vehicles for their deliveries to reduce the environmental impact. In addition, they introduced the “No-Rush Shipping” in exchange of the discount of 1€ on the next purchase.

A safe Work Environment

In conclusion, interesting enough is how they handled the staff and its security during the 2020’s health emergency brought by the coronavirus: Amazon gave the possibility to their employees to get free covid-19 tests, in case they needed it. Above all, a safe work environment is always a priority. 

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