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Digital world: how companies changed during the Pandemic

How has the digital market evolved in Italy, following the pandemic?

The company’s digitalization,  in 2020, has allowed the growth of many Italian companies, which have adopted different e-commerce solutions to face the digital world.

How companies entered in digital world during the Global Pandemic:

Many companies, during the Pandemic, have faced the digital world through the use of social networks  such as  Instagram  or  Facebook. In addition, they used platforms already on the market or  platforms born for the occasion.

Business solutions in the digital world:

Among the different solutions adopted by companies to face the digital world, stands out the “E-shop” initiative of the FCA Group,  which has launched an innovative solution, such as the possibility for its buyers to buy cars online, authorizing the signing of the purchase contract remotely and home delivery.

Other companies have used  phygital solutions to combine physical and online processes. This is the case of Dior which, thanks to the collaboration with the VR startup Obsess, has launched a virtual version of the Paris store, offering its buyers a 3D and 360-degree e-commerce experience, allowing users to virtually view the collection.

Leading companies in Italy and worldwide:

According to theCasaleggio Associati report,  globally it is WooCommerce that is the leader in e-commerce solutions, with a market share of 28%. Second and third place follow:  Squarespace  and  Shopifywith 18% and 11% respectively.
Shopify has gained +2% market share, and it’s the ecommerce solution that grows the most, compared to competitors.

Among the Italian companies to be leaders is Storeden, which has recorded an important growth of acquired customers and users in digital world.
It has supported Italian companies by providing the platform in free mode for 60 days.
It has entered into and strengthened agreements with important payment partners like: Nexi  and  PayPal or with alternative players like Mobysign: the app that speeds up payment without entering credit card details.

Source: ” Casaleggio Associati report ” E-commerce in Italy 2021.

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