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Social commerce and social media: How our life is changing?

Social commerce

Today users habits are considerably changing and with them also the use of the social media. They are used as search engine, where users can find all the useful information about products and brands. Therefore, social commerce involves customers and companies more and more everyday. The online market is expanding not only with retail products, such as clothing and accessories, but also with electronics and household products. There are even brands that come from social commerce, like Velasca Milano, a company that sells handmade men’s shoes, which begins its business on Instragram and nowadays is known all over the world.

Social media

During the 2020 with the arrival of pandemic, people habits and behaviors are changed definitely. This fact has caused a remarkable increase of users who begin to use social media. Therefore they are rapidly evolving.

At the beginning of 2021 the percentage of use of social network is grown by 13,2%, an increasing number, with people who go online at least once a month. So, in this way, they get in touch with the e-commerce world through the advertising on the social media.

From the data examined by Casaleggio Associati we have some important results. Firstly, Facebook is considered the social media with the majority of users globally, with an increase of 12% from 2020. Secondly, there is Youtube, with almost 2.3 billion of users, and Whatsapp which boasts an amount of 2 billion of active users.
Immediately after there is Instagram, which represents the platform chosen by companies in order to increase advertising investments. Moreover, it boasts more than 1.2 billion of users.
Finally there is TikTok, that has reached 689 million of users, and which is envolving rapidly thanks to a team of experts.

In addition, advertising on social media is developing considerably also in Italy. In fact, during the 2020, advertising spending reached 904 million euros.

Source: Casaleggio Associati 2021

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