• Marketplace: selling online during Covid-19
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    Selling via Marketplace: the best choice during Covid-19

    Why selling via Marketplace? Selling via Marketplace could be a good strategy in order to reach a wider community, especially during this though period due to Covid-19. Therefore, Italian consumers, as well as the consumers of the rest of the world, have chosen to buy things from their houses. This phenomenon has lead to the birth of a great number of new Marketplace on the internet. As a result, some of them have been created from scratch, which means that there is no physical shop where people can buy those products, while others are the online counterpart of a physical existing shop. Which are the most influent Marketplace? According to Casaleggio…

  • Electronic Commerce in Italy
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    Electronic commerce against the pandemic

    How did some Italian companies respond to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic? In early 2020 the COVID-19 epidemic has forced the Italian companies to face an unprecedented situation and they struggled (still struggling) to find a way to best adapt to its consequences. According to the annual research by the Casaleggio Associati , a well-known IT company, the previous year marked an impressive growth of the electronic commerce nationwide.  However, there hasn’t been a corrisponding increase in sales. Later, we will find out why. Mainly, this data comes from two factors: a change in the way people purchase and the increasing number of Internet users. Not to mention…

  • E-commerce: new solution
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    E-commerce: new solution and benefit for brands

    E-commerce: new solution and benefit for brands Due to the health emergency, many brands have had to resort to various digital platforms in order to maintain contact with customers. However, there are also those who have invested directly in their e-commerce as a new solution, or have consolidated it. In any case, it has been seen to favour sectors that until a year ago were the last of Italian e-business. Today, the majority of users have made at least one online purchase. The rapid growth of e-commerce in recent years has also significantly increased the presence of online platforms, marketplaces and shops, involving even the most unlikely sectors. For example,…

  • Visualizzazione di una proprietà
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    Viewing a Property

    Google Analytics is a brilliant way to collect and filter the data revolving around the traffic on various websites, apps and other assets associated with user’s business. All of one’s Google Analytics accounts can be grouped under an “Organization”. This is optional, and mostly applies to the large agencies or businesses. Medium and small ones tend to use only one account. When one creates an account, automatically a “Property” is created. There is no limit on the number of properties, as well as on the number of “Views” within them. This way one can organize the way of data collection to his or hers very preferences. Each property collects data…

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    Internet Analysis – How does it work?

    What is online analysis? Web analytics is a process that involves data collection, analysis, making recommendations and taking action. Since its inception, web analytics has started to play a significant role in running an online business. Thanks to this, the online seller can find out what behavior leads to the purchase. Today, these programs are used by large companies as well as individual website owners. This type of analytics has very big potential. It is worth taking a look at the basics of this activity. What are the tools for web analysis? One of the most popular tools for online analysis is Google Analytics – open system created by Google.…