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    Sustainability and e-commerce world for environmental future

    E-commerce, sustainability and environment In recent years, more and more consumers have entered the green world. These are mainly young people whose ecological awareness is based on an interconnection between human beings and the environment. Sustainability and the e-commerce world are not just topics for debates on the environmental future. Companies, and at the same time e-commerce, are responding positively to the new market demand, implementing policies to sell more sustainable products and use recyclable materials. But are Companies really ready? From the latest Casaleggio Associati’s report 2021, it appears that researches related to the term “sustainability” has increased by 70%. Almost half of Italians who shop online say they…

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    Digital world: how companies changed during the Pandemic

    How has the digital market evolved in Italy, following the pandemic? The company’s digitalization,  in 2020, has allowed the growth of many Italian companies, which have adopted different e-commerce solutions to face the digital world. How companies entered in digital world during the Global Pandemic: Many companies, during the Pandemic, have faced the digital world through the use of social networks  such as  Instagram  or  Facebook. In addition, they used platforms already on the market or  platforms born for the occasion. Business solutions in the digital world: Among the different solutions adopted by companies to face the digital world, stands out the “E-shop” initiative of the FCA Group,  which has launched…

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    Export strategies for e-commerce

    The pandemic situation has even changed  companies’ export strategies. We analyze new export strategies for e-commerce: marketplace and social commerce. Italian e-commerce companies abroad According to the 2021 Casaleggio Associati Report, the Italian e-commerce companies that sell only in our territory are 51% while those also present on foreign markets are 49%. 18% of the Italian companies examined are present in Spain, 19% in France, 13% United Kingdom, 17% Germany, 10% Switzerland. The USA followed with 9%, China 2% and Japan with 4%. For the year 2021, a 9.3% growth is expected in the export sector in which e-commerce will play a role of great importance. Export strategies for e-commerce…

  • Marketplace: selling online during Covid-19
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    Selling via Marketplace: the best choice during Covid-19

    Why selling via Marketplace? Selling via Marketplace could be a good strategy in order to reach a wider community, especially during this though period due to Covid-19. Therefore, Italian consumers, as well as the consumers of the rest of the world, have chosen to buy things from their houses. This phenomenon has lead to the birth of a great number of new Marketplace on the internet. As a result, some of them have been created from scratch, which means that there is no physical shop where people can buy those products, while others are the online counterpart of a physical existing shop. Which are the most influent Marketplace? According to Casaleggio…

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    Data analysis of the report on online purchases in 2020

    World and European e-commerce trend, growth and development factors of nations   World data analysis With 4.6 billion users, as a result, the Internet today is part of the lives of 59% of the entire world population. For this, suffice it to say that the entire Asia Pacific area holds first place in the analysis of world data, with 2.4 billion users. How is it possible? Surfing the web by smartphone, which in fact represents about 55.73% of all world traffic, compared to 41.46% of desktops and only 2.81% of tablets, makes everything easier and faster. So, the report shows that 81.5% of users relied on the network to search…