Marketplace: selling online during Covid-19
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Selling via Marketplace: the best choice during Covid-19

Why selling via Marketplace?

Selling via Marketplace could be a good strategy in order to reach a wider community, especially during this though period due to Covid-19. Therefore, Italian consumers, as well as the consumers of the rest of the world, have chosen to buy things from their houses. This phenomenon has lead to the birth of a great number of new Marketplace on the internet. As a result, some of them have been created from scratch, which means that there is no physical shop where people can buy those products, while others are the online counterpart of a physical existing shop.

Which are the most influent Marketplace?

According to Casaleggio Associati’s report 2021, it is said that 45% of the companies interviewed is using marketplace to sell their own products. That is to say, among the most used marketplace, in order of percentage of use, there are Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, ePrice, Alibaba and Zalando. Similarly, “Other” is another important aspect to consider, because of its raising share. Most importantly, here we can find an Italian platform of “e-comerce as a service”, called Japal, founded in 2018; or the platform named Wish, which is mainly focused on the market of products of small “unbranded” producers.

How can “small” sellers embrace the world of Marketplace?

Another sector that can be placed within “Other” is the “Local Marketplace“.  Let’s use TrevisoNow as an example to understand its functions. As the name suggest, it is a marketplace in the province of Treviso. Certainly, it embraces all the local shops, allowing the shipment of products both in Italy and abroad; on the other hand, as regards the province itself, shipments are divided into two categories, home deliveries or pickup points. So, the Local Marketplace stands as an alternative to the “Big” marketplace. As a result,  it gives the possibility to small merchants and artisans to embrace the world of e-commerce, although they do not have the right tools to emerge on their owns in the field of selling via Marketplace.

Source: Casaleggio Associati’s report 2021

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