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    Digital marketing and advertising activities: can digital replace traditional marketing?

    Digital marketing and advertising activities Can digital marketing replace traditional marketing? In 2020 companies have allocated more than 40% to digital communication, while almost 60% is still allocated to traditional marketing.  This situation has inevitably led to economic losses and especially for magazines, outdoor and transit. On the other side the digital sector is the one to lose less, so that it is expected that in 2021 the digital  will replace the traditional.Nowadays the fastest growing marketing activities include SEM, SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing.Finally the Online Search market has thus reached a turnover of about 1 million € and it is expected to increase of 21.6% by 2021. Mobile has also surpassed desktop,…

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    Social commerce and social media: How our life is changing?

    Social commerce Today users habits are considerably changing and with them also the use of the social media. They are used as search engine, where users can find all the useful information about products and brands. Therefore, social commerce involves customers and companies more and more everyday. The online market is expanding not only with retail products, such as clothing and accessories, but also with electronics and household products. There are even brands that come from social commerce, like Velasca Milano, a company that sells handmade men’s shoes, which begins its business on Instragram and nowadays is known all over the world. Social media During the 2020 with the arrival…

  • Social media: How important are they?
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    Use of Social media in 2020: Casaleggio report 2021

    How important are social media? A very strong growth in the use of Social media was obtained between July and September 2020. This was determined by the great change in social habits that 2020 brought about. In fact, around 180 million people started using social media for the first time during the first Lockdown. The increase in the public has thus determined 3.23 billion people in the world connected, in the year 2020 alone. In 2021 this number increased by + 13.2%. How’s the use of Social media in the world? The social leader par excellence is confirmed to be Facebook, which boasts more than 2.7 billion active users, with…