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    Data analysis of the report on online purchases in 2020

    World and European e-commerce trend, growth and development factors of nations   World data analysis With 4.6 billion users, as a result, the Internet today is part of the lives of 59% of the entire world population. For this, suffice it to say that the entire Asia Pacific area holds first place in the analysis of world data, with 2.4 billion users. How is it possible? Surfing the web by smartphone, which in fact represents about 55.73% of all world traffic, compared to 41.46% of desktops and only 2.81% of tablets, makes everything easier and faster. So, the report shows that 81.5% of users relied on the network to search…

  • Social media: How important are they?
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    Use of Social media in 2020: Casaleggio report 2021

    How important are social media? A very strong growth in the use of Social media was obtained between July and September 2020. This was determined by the great change in social habits that 2020 brought about. In fact, around 180 million people started using social media for the first time during the first Lockdown. The increase in the public has thus determined 3.23 billion people in the world connected, in the year 2020 alone. In 2021 this number increased by + 13.2%. How’s the use of Social media in the world? The social leader par excellence is confirmed to be Facebook, which boasts more than 2.7 billion active users, with…

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    The digitalization process in Italy: an overview within 2020 numbers

    The digitalization process in Italy An overview within 2020 numbers shows that the digitalization process in Italy for the companies continued with different facets. Many brands have started the digitalization process with messaging or social channels. Others have chosen to use platforms already established on the market. But there are also those who have invested directly in their e-commerce. The automobile sector is testing the virtual dealer, such as the E-shop of the FCA Group. There is also Mirta, an Italian fashion startup, which in 2020 increased the number of products on its e-commerce by 60%,  sharing the Made In Italy. Moreover MondoDelVino, producer and distributor of Italian wines in…

  • Electronic Commerce in Italy
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    Electronic commerce against the pandemic

    How did some Italian companies respond to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic? In early 2020 the COVID-19 epidemic has forced the Italian companies to face an unprecedented situation and they struggled (still struggling) to find a way to best adapt to its consequences. According to the annual research by the Casaleggio Associati , a well-known IT company, the previous year marked an impressive growth of the electronic commerce nationwide.  However, there hasn’t been a corrisponding increase in sales. Later, we will find out why. Mainly, this data comes from two factors: a change in the way people purchase and the increasing number of Internet users. Not to mention…

  • E-commerce: new solution
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    E-commerce: new solution and benefit for brands

    E-commerce: new solution and benefit for brands Due to the health emergency, many brands have had to resort to various digital platforms in order to maintain contact with customers. However, there are also those who have invested directly in their e-commerce as a new solution, or have consolidated it. In any case, it has been seen to favour sectors that until a year ago were the last of Italian e-business. Today, the majority of users have made at least one online purchase. The rapid growth of e-commerce in recent years has also significantly increased the presence of online platforms, marketplaces and shops, involving even the most unlikely sectors. For example,…