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Data analysis of the report on online purchases in 2020

World and European e-commerce trend, growth and development factors of nations


World data analysis

With 4.6 billion users, as a result, the Internet today is part of the lives of 59% of the entire world population. For this, suffice it to say that the entire Asia Pacific area holds first place in the analysis of world data, with 2.4 billion users. How is it possible? Surfing the web by smartphone, which in fact represents about 55.73% of all world traffic, compared to 41.46% of desktops and only 2.81% of tablets, makes everything easier and faster.

So, the report shows that 81.5% of users relied on the network to search for a product or service, while 90.4% visited an e-store and 76.8% completed a purchase. Data showing how consequently, with above all China in first place for a 44% incidence on sales, South Korea with 28.9% and followed by UK, Denmark, Norway and USA, e-commerce has achieved a turnover of 10.780 billion just in the last year.


Study of European data analysis

Europe has about 480 million people who shop online. For example, the sectors concerned are mostly retail, which estimates around 376 billion euros; or the food/health sector, which reached 56 billion in turnover; continuing with home and furniture, which yields 60 billion and the fashion sector with 127 billion annually.

Despite Brexit and Pandemic, the UK still remains in pole position as Europe’s largest growing e-commerce market. Spain and Belgium recorded an increase in online purchases following an increase in the frequency with which these are carried out; subsequently, in the wake of the following, we find Italy, Netherlands, and Poland.

Furthermore, an important growth, in 2020, takes place in Germany and Poland, where, in addition to the increase in online purchases, there has been also a significant increase in turnover so as to guarantee even the launch of new websites and e-commerce.


Source: Casaleggio e Associati annual report on e-commerce

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